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What is the profile of a good risk for truckers insurance?

What is the profile that is used to determine what is a “good risk” for truckers insurance?

The current used information is:
-past loss history
-safety rating as reflected in the FMCSA System (CSA/SMS)
-what the insured’s drivers’ MVR’s reflect
-how long the insured has been in business

I would consider adding these factors:
What percentage of the insured’s drivers, have been with the insured over year?
I have often said that if I could only ask one question to decide to provide insurance to a motor carrier, it would be that question.
Todd Dills wrote a ccj digital article that supports my opinion, “Carriers with higher driver turnover have higher crash rates and poorer CSA scores, analysis finds.” Not only how many drivers have been with the insured for over a year, but what is the insured doing to keep their drivers? Are they providing more home time, Bose seats, XM radio, APU’s to power their televisions and charge their computers, automatic transmissions? What technology have they added to their equipment? – Collision Mitigation System (CMS), Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Lane Departure Warning Systems (LAWS), Adaptive Cruise Control System (ACCS) – All to help advanced crashes. Event recorders to provide information concerning a crash – A video of the 8 seconds before and 4 seconds after a crash. Industry records show that 75% or so of all crashes between an 18-wheeler and a 4-wheel vehicle are the “fault” of the 4-wheel vehicle. Event records establish facts used to defend the driver’s actions. These devices also assist in monitoring and training of drivers.

The more technology a motor carrier uses makes them a better risk.

Above Excerpt taken from: “Self-Driving Trucks” written by: Tommy Ruke, Tommy Ruke-The King Pin Blog

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