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Shippers/Brokers Verification of Insurance for Motor Carriers

Verification of insurance coverage for the autos they are providing loads to, as stated, “If the policy has coverage for Hired Auto (Symbol 8,68) in addition to (Symbol 7,67), any owned auto has to be scheduled and any non-owned auto that is operated under the authority/registration of the motor carrier the broker/shipper arranged to haul the load, then the leased auto would be a covered auto.” 

To clarify, if a shipper/broker calls up a motor carrier to haul a load.  The Certificate of Insurance provided to the shipper/broker reflects (Symbol 7/67) and (Symbol 8/68).  To be assured that the unit that will haul the load is covered by the policy of the motor carrier reflected on the COI, they need to make sure that the unit is owned by the motor carrier and it Is listed in the policy and the COI would be more useful if it also reflected which autos are scheduled. 

The broker/shipper must be comfortable with the retail agent sending the COI with information that is accurate.  But if the auto hauling the load is not owned by the motor carrier and is operating on behalf of the motor carrier and (Symbol 8/68) that would consider the auto a covered auto even if not scheduled. 

For more information on verification of insurance for motor carriers, contact our truckers insurance expert, Tim Hall.


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